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Welcome to Nightly

Nightly used to manage digital assets and access decentralized applications

Nightly is a friendly extension, that allows you to manage your tokens and NFTs nicely and easily. It allows to send and swap tokens, and display all NFTs in one single place.

  • Nightly is integrated on both Near-selector and Solana-adapter blockchains.
  • New chains are just waiting to be integrated with Nightly.
  • Mobile is the future. Therefore, you will soon be able to install Nightly on your phone which will extend the use of our wallet even more.

Nightly is a secure place, which safely provides access to private assets. We don't collect any sensitive data and all keys are always encrypted.


Please visit our open source code to get information on all available methods: Solana, Near, Aptos and Sui.

This documentation is created for developers who are building applications with Nightly. Please go through our docs to get a smooth implementation of Nightly in your application.